Status of Project

The Project objectives are; (i) The generation of a mandatory supply in the winter months (December, January and February) of 2.9 GWh per day, equivalent to a capacity of 120 MW during these three months. (ii) The production of a total amount of energy over the year equal to or exceed 1,196 GWh.

The Project is currently in early construction works, which include topographical surveys, geotechnical surveys, rehabilitation of access roads, construction of workers camps and technical installations. The Project has been designed in three phases:

• Pre-Feasibility Study prepared and issued in March 2010.
• The Feasibility Study (2011) and Initial Design (2012) prepared
• In 2015 the Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) Contractor to carry out the detail design of the Project’s components, procure the required works, equipment and services and execute the works until the start of the power production.
• The final basic design has been proposed by the EPC Contractor in December 2016

The Project has been in ESIA Process as:

• First Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) process in 2011
• Second ESIA process conducted in 2014-2015
• Final ESIA report was submitted to GoG in August 2015
• The Environmental Permit awarded in October 2015
• E&S supplementary package having been on process

The E&S Supplementary package is well advanced. All baseline studies will be complete in eraly 2017 for disclosure for Georgia.